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Apple Creek Canine Resort root's began with Mary and Stan Pfoff.  Building the name of Apple Creek Kennel from their own home, they quickly outgrew the space and moved to 650 51st Street Marion, Iowa. Their passion for providing the very best for their beloved canine companions was engraved in the foundation from the start. Nearly 10 years later, they joined the retired life and passed the reins on to their nephew and niece, Brad and Nikee Woods.

The Woods' knew the level of care that the Pfoff's had established must be carried on. Being involved from the start, it was an easy decision for them to deliver the same passion of high superior quality care for your beloved canines. The Woods are proud to employ over 20+ wonderful dedicated staff members, committed to continued education, certifications, holding ourselves to higher standards and loving your dogs as their own.

Today, the staff of ACCR excel in providing a clean, safe, and loving environment, providing pet owners a safe and fun home-away-from home option to leave their dogs. With two facilities conveniently located across the street from each other, we are able to specialize each service and dedicate ourselves fully to your canines! Our facilities are deep cleaned each night and several times throughout the day. Holding ourselves accountable, we are proud members of several organizations that further our staff's knowledge of high quality superior care. From a day of fun, a spa service for their comfort or yours, and an overnight stay or more, we'd love your pup to be part of the ACCR family. We understand the fear of leaving your pet in the hands of new people; we invite you to schedule a time to come and visit our facility and meet our staff before you make your decision.

Apple Creek Canine Resort's story

Our Boarding Overnight Facility staff are here 24/7, 365 days a year for the safety and comfort of your pet.

Whether your pet has a fear of storms, is older or younger and needs to go out more, has a medical condition or medications needing to be given at certain times, we are always here.

Feel confident leaving your dog in our care with someone always here!

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PetTech CPR and First Aid Instructors

Fran, General Manager
General Manager
Shirley, Doggie Daycare Manager
Doggie Daycare Manager

PetTech CPR and First Aid Certified

PetTech CPR and First Aid Certified

Logan, Operational Supervisor
Operational Supervisor

PetTech CPR and First Aid Certified

Operational Supervisor & Daycare Supervisor
Operational Supervisor
& Daycare Supervisor

PetTech CPR and First Aid Certified

Jadyn, Operations Supervisor
Operations Supervisor

PetTech CPR and First Aid Certified

Dakota, Assistant General Manager
Operations Supervisor

PetTech CPR and First Aid Certified

Raven -Frame-6.png
Operations Supervisor

First Aid Certified

Operations Supervisor

First Aid Certified

Jennifer, Client Specialist
Client Specialist
Dominique, Client Specialist
Client Specialist
Madi's pic.png
Operational Supervisor

First Aid Certified

Daycare Supervisor

First Aid Certified

Doggie Gallery
Developed from input of our local Veterinarians


ACCR policy requires all dogs who are Boarding, attending Daycare, or receiving Spa Services at ACCR have current rabies, distemper/parvo & bordetella vaccinations. Ensuring all dogs are properly vaccinated is an important part of providing a safe environment for all our guests.

Note: All vaccines given prior to Feb 15, 2020 are considered grandfathered in - the new criteria must be followed upon expiration

All vaccines must be administered by a veterinarian. Consideration may be given to vaccines administered by a breeder, rescue group or shelter.


Canine Cough
At Apple Creek Canine Resort we continuously look for ways to make sure all the dogs spending time with us stay healthy and happy.

After our area’s seasonal respiratory illness outbreak in the fall of 2019, we wanted to make sure we are doing all we can to keep our canine friends healthy. We asked ourselves: How can we be more proactive? How can we be even better?

We researched. We took a close look at our operational protocols and policies. We sought the advice of our local veterinarians. After receipt of over 35 written responses to our questionnaire plus numerous supporting letters, documents & links, we sincerely applaud the response we received from our veterinarian community. Thank you!

We’d like to share information about Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex (CIRDC) with you.



Medical and behavioral changes

At the time of making a reservation or at check-in, please let our staff know if there are any new major medical or behavioral concerns. Some examples include:

  • New diagnosis – long-term illnesses (seizures, tumors, Addison’s, etc.), digestive upset (loose stool/vomiting), any new lumps/bumps, etc.

  • Recent surgical procedures – we will go over any restrictions from the vet, medications, etc. accordingly. We are able to accommodate dogs with extensive restrictions, but it’s heavily encouraged to discuss over the phone prior to check-in.

How do I get my dog ready to come for daycare, grooming or boarding at your facility?

We are so honored you are considering ACCR to care for you family member. Please give our office a call or email and our staff will begin our New Client process. We ask that you complete an agreement form (found on our website) and provide your dog's vaccination record via email or fax. Their records will need to indicate that they have received the following vaccines by a licensed veterinarian: Bordetella, Distemper and Rabies vaccinations. Once we've received those two items, our staff will reach out to you and schedule a phone interview. The interview must be completed by the dog's owner(s).

The goal of the interview is to help you and your dog become more comfortable with our services, get to know your pup(s) and answer any questions you may have.


I've never boarded my dog before, what is the Suite environment like or what should I expect when coming to your facility?

Your dog will have their own individual suite (appropriate to their size) with space to stretch out, relax and call their home while staying with us. We provide comfy blankets for your dog to lay on along with food and water bowls. We also provide plastic bone beds and mats for those who need it. Our facility is climate controlled with air conditioning and central heating with vaulted ceilings to help circulate air flow. The suite areas are divided into 7 smaller rooms to ensure your dog has a comfortable and relaxing stay. Soft, relaxing music is played in each area of the building to create a calm environment.

What do I need to bring with my dog for their stay?

In order to keep your dog from getting an upset stomach we request you bring your dogs food from home to keep them on their same every day diet. Food should be in a Ziploc bag divided up by meal or in one bag and we measure each meal out. We require that you bring your dog on a secure leash and collar for the safety of your dog and other dogs. We can have a lot of traffic moving through our lobby and even though your dog may be friendly, not all dogs are.
You are welcome to bring as many or as few things from home to make your dogs stay more comfortable. A favorite blanket or one of your t-shirts is a great way to help them feel more at home when staying with us. You may also bring your dogs favorite treats, toys or chew bones to give them something to do while relaxing in their suite. Keep in mind though your dog may chew or have a thieving neighbor while they are here so items from home may be damaged during their stay.

What vaccinations do I need before boarding my dog?
Required for dogs 6+ months
  • Distemper/Parvo & Rabies vaccinations 

  • Intranasal (new) Bordetella vaccination 


Recommended for dogs 6+ months

  • Bordetella vaccination containing a parainfluenza vaccine & adenovirus-2 vaccine. 

Note While the Distemper/Parvo combo vaccines such as DHPP or DAPP also contain protection from parainfluenza & adenovirus1 & sometimes adenovirus 2 - studies have found the live intranasal form of the vaccine provides quicker & more complete protection. Please discuss options with your veterinarian to make the best choice for your pet.

Note: All vaccinations must be administered by a veterinarian. Consideration may be given to vaccines administered by a breeder, rescue or shelter.

Please see our vaccination policies page for more details.

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