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What vacation isn't complete without a trip to the spa? Treat your dog to a spa day in addition to any boarding or daycare stay! Spa services are available by appointment only, as well. Our Spa Team will provide your dog with a relaxing bathing experience and send them home smelling fresh and clean!  Please note scheduled appointment only spa service is located at the 650 51st Street facility. 

Pricing listed is starting rates and is adjusted to dog's temperament and their coat condition.

A relaxing bath, paired with a nail trim, ear cleaning, brush out, high quality spaw products suited for your dog's coat and condition. Hand dried. Recommended for double coated, curly coats, and long haired breeds, such as Shepherds, Doodles/Poodles, Airedales, Golden Retreivers.

Small: $44
Medium: $55
Large: $62
Extra Large: $70
Giant: $85


Paired with the Essential Bath, our De-Shed treatment is there to help save your vacuum at home! This process involves specific drying methods along with specific high quality spaw products designed to help owners with the seasons of shedding. 

Small: $10
Medium: $15
Large: $20
Extra Large: $25
Giant: $30


Nail Trim (clip or dremmel): $15
Teeth Brushing: $5
Ear Cleaning: $5
Blueberry Facial Scrub: $7 (must be paired with bath or groom)
Anal Glands: $8 (must be paired with bath or groom)
Specialty Shampoos: $7
(Zymox, Brightening, Odor Eliminator, Hypoallergenic), Medi-boost


Grooming is available on a limited basis. Please reach out if you'd like to inquire more about our full grooming service that includes a haircut to your liking with all the essential bath services details included!

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