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Monday through Friday, Daycare drop-offs and pick-ups are available from 6:30 to 11:30 am and 1:00 to 6:00 p.m. Our office is open over quiet time from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. for any other inquiries. Play sessions begin at 7:30 a.m. and can run up until at 5:30 p.m. with rest time during the day. Our daycare is operated with a rotational  play style to allow dogs to decompress, avoid over stimulation, and breaks to hydrate in their own kennel. 

$30 per day/ play groups and structured play
$32 per day/ Spoiled Solos
$35 per day/ Weekend Stay N Play*

*Weekend Stay N Play is offered at the 645 Overnight Boarding location and not available during peak boarding times.

  • $280 10-day pass

  • $560 20-day pass

Special pricing for Spoiled Solos

(dog aggressive; sibling-only play; owner requested; unaltered dogs over 6 months of age):

  • ​10 day pass $300

  • 20 day pass $580


*Punchcards expire 12 months following purchase.

ACCR VIP Membership - More details below!
  • Monthly Subscription

  • Guaranteed committed daycare days

  • Discounts and MORE!

Some dogs like to wrestle and chase, some like to get snuggles, and some just want to play fetch! Our goal is to find your dog the perfect playmate, whether it's another dog or just a staff member.

Here at ACCR we have 6 different play options to provided the best play for your pup!

  • Big Players- for those medium to large pups that like to play wrestle with compatible canines

  • Big Lovers - for those medium to large pups that prefer playing without all the ruff housing

  • Small Players - for those small to medium pups that like to play wrestle with compatible canines

  • Small Lovers- for those pups that that enjoying playing without all the ruff housing

  • Structured Play- for those pups that do better play in smaller groups (1-5 other dogs)

  • Spoiled Solos - one on one play for those pups that can be dog aggressive, unaltered after 6 months, or owner requested

*Annual temperament testing completed to ensure best placement

Of course! Some dogs just don't like other dogs. 

We offer One on One play for our Spoiled Solos and Structured play for those that do better in small group play. However your dog likes to play, we have the right activity for them to go home happy and tired!

Most of our clients join us weekly for time to exercise and be active while their owners carry on their busy days.

When you don't have time to take your dog to the park, or the weather is just no good for a walk, that's the perfect time to swing by for a few hours of play. Call ahead if you know your schedule or the day-of if something comes up.

Dogs are naturally social animals. Through play and interaction they learn to become well-adjusted to their surroundings without fear or aggression.

Not only does it teach them how to greet people, it teaches them how to act toward other dogs.
A socialized dog is generally more confident and less stressed in new situations. This means a happier and healthier dog, and a happier owner!

Looking at having your dog visit on set day(s) of the week for daycare?  The VIP Membership may be for you!
  • Monthly subscription

    • Paid as a monthly fee;  processed on the 15th of each month for the upcoming month. 

    • Subscription is evergreen-it will continue until cancellation notice is provided from client. We require a 30 day cancellation notice. 

  • No additional daycare fees apply

  • Additional days of daycare and boarding stays rates still apply

  • VIP Members are still able to use a punchcard for optimal savings for additional days outside of their pre-booked membership day(s)


  • Guaranteed Daycare reservations on client’s committed day(s) each weekday (Monday through Friday), during subscription timeframe for VIP dog. Excludes blackout DAYS for Christmas, Christmas Eve and Thanksgiving.  

    • Additional daycare bookings outside of committed days can be made at any time during the year (if space is available). 

    • Additional dogs in the household who are not VIP members can book two months in advance.

  • Saturday and Sunday Daycare can be added at Monday-Friday $30 rate or use your Punchcard for additional savings, instead of weekend stay and play rate of $35. This service is offered at our Boarding Overnight Facility. 

    • Note: Non VIP-Members can also book two months in advance if suites are available & Sat/Sun rates: $35 

  • Priority Boarding reservations for ALL dogs in the family!

    • Clients must provide 7 day notice for priority boarding requests Sept-May; and a 30 day notice during all Major Holidays and the Summer (Jun, July, Aug). 

    • If a waitlist already exists for daycare or boarding requests, VIP Members will receive priority 

  • Additional 5% Boarding Discount for all dogs in the family. The first dog receives a 5% discount and each additional dog receives 10% multipet discount + 5% VIP discount! (15% total discount)

  • 5% Spa Discount for all dogs in the family!

  • Adding a new dog to your home? If your current dog has a VIP Membership, your new dog would be considered a Legacy Pup.  They would be placed at the top of our VIP Membership waitlist to join their siblings for fun!.  

Membership Notes

  • The membership is evergreen and will continue each month until cancellation.

  • As ACCR will not be conducting daycare on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and Christmas Eve (starting 2023 for Christmas Eve), these dates are automatically black out dates for all daycare appointments.

  • VIP clients will receive a detailed monthly email to their Google Drive link to their pups’ monthly photos. 1x a week will have a minimum of 5 photos during the month, 2x a week will have a minimum of 10 photos during the month, 3x a week will have a minimum of 15 photos per month and so on.

  • Additional days of daycare and boarding rates will still apply.

  • Day swapping is not permitted (i.e. if your pup is enrolled for Tuesdays, we cannot substitute it for a different day on any given week).

  • Subscriptions are non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • Each dog in a family must have their own membership if they wish to receive benefits.

  • 30 day written cancellation notice must be provided to end a VIP membership.

  • Membership fees will be auto-pay processed on the 15th of each month for the upcoming month.

  • If your dog is boarding on one of their VIP days, a credit of $31.25 will be applied to their boarding stay for missing their VIP day at the daycare facility.


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